Interactive Play Workshop - Craig Ogilvie

Interactive Play Workshop - Craig Ogilvie

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This workshop will be focused on the content of Craig’s extremely popular book the “Interactive Play Guide”, this offers a unique look at how we can implement a reinforcing play system that is based on our dogs making the choice to play and adjusting our technique to suit each dog as an individual.

During the workshop we will take an interactive journey, looking at how to effectively adjust toy play to the reinforcement preferences of the specific dog that you are working with. Craig will talk and walk you through a proven, tried and tested, step by step acronym-based system that will help you to use the joy of play to improve relationships, build confidence, create motivational focus and implement alternative forms of positive reinforcement.

You will also learn how to avoid and overcome some of the common problems during play, such as over-arousal and problematic behaviours. Along with implementing these techniques into your behavioural consultations, training classes and even at home to help further enrich the lives of dogs and their owners.


Handler spots allow you to bring your dog along to the workshop. Spectators cannot bring dogs but are invited to watch and learn. 

Each workshop is two hours long. 



Chapel Farm Rehab 

Whitley Batts,


BS39 4NE